Type 1
Without equipment:
Stand marked out on the floor, cleaning charges and electric power consumption included.
Type 2
With equipment which also includes:
  • stand partitions
  • facade with a signboard with the company name
  • the stand number
  • fitted carpet
  • one electricity socket/9 sq.m.
  • ten spotlights/9 sq.m.
  • 1 desk, 3 chairs/stand
  • 8 shelves/9 sq.m.
Type 2 stand Electricity
No electrical installations whatsoever may be undertaken by third parties at exhibition areas. Exhibitors can request additional lighting by submitting a special application (p. 22) this application is enclosed in the technical facilities document which can be downloaded here.
Water Supply – Sanitation
Following an application by exhibitors (15 days before the exhibition begins), HELEXPO can connect units to its water supply and sanitation systems, assuming, of course, that exhibitors themselves transport the units to the stand undertaking all responsibility and expense. The charge for each connection is €77.00 and includes all materials for connecting units, piping for water supply – sanitation, water consumption and labour expenses for connecting and disconnecting after the exhibition is over.
Medical Coverage
HELEXPO provides its exhibitors with medical services throughout the duration of their stay on exhibition grounds at Pavilion 7, tel.: 2310-291166.
During the opening days of exhibitions, entrance to all vehicles on HELEXPO grounds is forbidden. Therefore, please book a PARKING space with HELEXPO Accountancy Dept. well in advance of the event.