Four days to discover Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki is a city of history and culture, the crossroads of the Balkans, a modern European megalopolis and a contemporary arts hub.
It is a city where the past and present are visible in its urban identity, the contradictions in the everyday life of its people, the youthful fervour that comes from symbiosis with thousands of students, and in the “great poor mother” that has evolved into a cosmopolitan seaside city of Northern Greece.
The city is an ideal place for strolling down streets and through neighbourhoods, to monuments (from Ancient and Roman times to the Byzantine and contemporary eras), along the promenade to the White Tower, to eateries and clubs. It is also a starting point for travellers who want to know magical Halkidiki, visit Mount Athos and discover the natural beauty of Macedonia.
Thessaloniki is also known as a hospitable city for trade. In the past eight years, Thessaloniki Book Fair has become an established event for local residents as well as for thousands of visitors, Greeks and foreign members of the book trade.